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Abuse Counselling Service
Academic stress Counselling Service
Allergies Physical / Medical
Anger Counselling Service
Anxiety Counselling Service / Behaviour Support
Assessments Educational Psychology Service  
Attendance Education Welfare
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) Behaviour Support
Autism / Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Communication and Interaction
Behaviour Behaviour Support / Counselling Service
Bereavement Counselling Service
BESD (Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties) Behaviour Support
Blind Visual Impairment
Braille Visual Impairment
Bullying Counselling Service
Cerebral Palsy Physical / Medical
Cochlear Implant Hearing Impairment
Cognitive and Learning Specific Additional Learning Needs
Communication Communication and Interaction / EAL Service
Concentration Behaviour Support
Consultations Educational Psychology Service     
Deaf Hearing Impairment
Delay Specific Additional Learning Needs
Depression Counselling Service
Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (Dyspraxia) Physical / Medical
Diabetes Physical / Medical
DLD Communication and Interaction
Domestic abuse Counselling Service
Dyscalculia Specific Additional Learning Needs
Dyslexia Specific Additional Learning Needs
Ehlers Danlos Physical / Medical
Employing Children Education Welfare
English EAL Service
English as an Additional Language (EAL) EAL Service
Epilepsy Physical / Medical
Ethnic Minority Achievement Support Service (EMAS) EAL Service
Exclusions Education Welfare
Family issues Counselling Service
Financial issues Counselling Service
Food issues Counselling Service
Glue Ear Hearing Impairment
Hearing aid Hearing Impairment 
Hearing Impairment Hearing Impairment
Heart condition Physical / Medical
Improving English EAL Service
Language disorder Communication and Interaction
Learning Difficulties Specific Additional Learning Needs
Learning English EAL Service
Literacy and numeracy Specific Additional Learning Needs
Literacy Difficulties Specific Additional Learning Needs
Low confidence Counselling Service
Medical Physical / Medical
Muscular Dystrophy Physical / Medical
Numeracy and mathematics difficulties Specific Additional Learning Needs
Reading and writing Specific Additional Learning Needs
Relationship with others/friends Counselling Service
Relationship with teachers Counselling Service
Self-harm Counselling Service
Self-worth Counselling Service
Sexuality/orientation Counselling Service
Social skills Communication and Interaction
Speech and language Communication and Interaction
Spina bifida Physical / Medical
SpLD Specific Additional Learning Needs
Substance abuse Counselling Service
Suicidal ideation Counselling Service
Visual impairment Visual Impairment
Welfare Education Welfare