Quality Officers

There are Quality Officers working for the ALN&I Service in Gwynedd and Anglesey.


Haf Roberts


Lora Glynwen Williams


Clare Trappe Roberts

Anglesey and Arfon

Non Samuel


+ Children Looked After
+Specific Circumstances 

Heather Melton


Sian-Emlyn Jones

 The ALN&I Quality Officers are responsible for ensuring that schools address the change in the ALN Legislation through supporting and managing the change. Provide assistance and support for schools and parents so as to ensure consistent provision for ALN&I pupils in Gwynedd and Anglesey as regards the new legislation

They are responsible for offering and providing:

  • ALN and Inclusion Support – documents, guidance
  • Guidance and advice for new ALNCo-ordinators (ALNCOs) 
  • Guidance on Individual Development Plan (IDP) reviews for LEA IDP pupils with the most intensive needs
  • Serve as point of contact for Year 6 and Year 11 ALN and Inclusion pupils for transition
  • Guidance on whole school strategic planning
  • Monitor quality of ALN and Inclusion provisions within the schools 
  • A profile for value for money in the provision
  • Ensure consistency in ALN Co-ordinators' actions.